The Chicago Tribune published an interesting article.. Are big ticket electronics on your child’s wishlist(Healy, 2010)? The main focus of the article is that children are asking for expensive electronics such as ipads, ipods, and cellphones. Why are kids asking for these items? There is a very simple answer to that question.. they are watching their parents, cousins, peers, and grandparents use these very same items on a daily basis. Parents may be handing off their cell phones and ipods to their kids who are then playing games on them and having fun with them.. so of course they want one! Is this a bad thing? Well, for the parent who has to purchase these expensive items.. maybe. But for the child who is learning at a young age to engage in technology, absolutely not! This is the radical change we are trying to make right? As educators if we want our students to use technology in the classroom then we want them to have these early experiences with it.

Albert Bandura, a social learning theorist believes that children learn best through observation of models (parents, peers, etc). If humans truly do learn best through observation then this is a good thing! Why? If we want to go into the classroom as first year teachers and make this radical change by creating a classroom including technology and other teachers see this change and see that it works, we can hope that they will jump on the bandwagon!  Monkey see monkey do right? Well.. one can only hope.