Watching the interview with Heidi Hayes Jacobs on her new book Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World really got me thinking! I love what she says about students being ‘time travelers’! I think it’s insane that the same arguments in regards to changes in the education system have been taking place for the past 20 years. Everybody in education realizes that a change needs to take place but there are very few people stepping forward to make the change. Peers in my EDT400 course pointed out that everything is organized in a hierarchy and teachers can try to implement new ways of teaching, but at the end of the day their students still need to know the state and school’s curriculum. A change like this is hard to make unless everybody is on board and ready to take the step together.

It’s bizarre to me that education hasn’t changed at all. Outside of education, technology in this country moves at such a fast pace. Everyday there are new developments and advances in technology and they spread so quickly. Computers are as widespread as they’ve ever been and now people have them literally at their fingertips on their mobile devices. Take a step into a school system though, and there is a computer lab or maybe a cluster of computers that students are given a limited amount of time with in the day. Cell phones are for the most part prohibited in schools and social networking is frowned upon. Why isn’t technology advancing at a fast pace in education? What students are learning in schools today is no longer relevant to the workplace. We are sending our children into the world with no knowledge of how to collaborate, interact, create, and formulate ideas. To me, that is really scary thought. What is going to happen to society when a large percentage of high school graduates don’t know how to keep it running?