As a third year student at the University of Maine double majoring in Elementary and Early Childhood Education I decided to take the course EDT 400 (computers in education) because I like computers, but mostly because I needed a class to fill that time slot. I didn’t realize all of the opportunities this class would open up for me. Walking into the first class I felt overwhelmed and confused and I kept thinking “what am I getting myself into..” Once I started playing around with all of these new tools (word press, tweetdeck, netvibes, diigo) I realized that once I started to get the feel of things these tools were super helpful.

EDT 400 thus far as been one of the very few classes I have taken at the University of Maine where I don’t feel invisible. My instructor wants to get to know everyone and he cares about what we have to say. I am interacting with my peers in ways I never imagined possible. This interaction is allowing me to learn more and dig deeper. I find myself reading an article or a peer’s blog and wanting to research and find more information. I am asking myself questions and researching to find the answers. It is so refreshing to go and sit in a class where you know you are part of this community that you really can’t find in any other classes. I often participate in class discussions but would like to see more discussions with the whole class getting involved. I hope that as the semester goes on that this community will become closer knit.

I am learning a tremendous amount about the importance of technology in the classroom. I never would have thought I would blog in my life. Through my peers blogs and other educators blogs though I am finding multiple sources of information on how to implement technology in the classroom. I am being introduced to some individuals with amazing insights into changes we need to make in the education system like George Siemens, Daniel Pink, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, and even some local individuals like Deb White. I am reading articles and watching videos and I am so intrigued by this class and how much I am learning and still have to learn about technology! I have learned to blog with pictures, videos, and links. I would like to try to link and upload more resources into my blogs rather than just pictures. I have subscribed to peers and other educators blogs. I am using tweetdeck which is making me aware of updated blogs, new articles, videos, and tons of other information relevant to EDT400. I am using netvibes to connect me to EDT400 blogs, twitter, facebook, world news, and weather all at the same time. The convenience of these tools is really amazing and they all help me to improve and shape my opinions. When I have trouble coming up with ideas for a blog post I can always go to other resources through twitter or netvibes and find something!

I loved the first video we watched Learning to Change, Changing to Learn! It was a great way to introduce the class and it really opened my eyes to some of the problems we are facing with education. The article on Connectivism- A Learning Theory for the Digital Age as well really got me thinking an inspired me to blog.

I have high hopes for this course and the rest of the semester and I am eager to continue to open up in an online community and engage in my learning!