There are countless reasons why we are trying to make a change in the classroom from 19th century learning to 21st century learning. Above all, educators are concerned about the quality of their student’s education. The main thing that will further a student’s education is their involvement and engagement in quality learning. Student’s should be interested in the subject they are learning about. They should get involved and want to learn. But will they?

I found this video on classroom 2.0 which is a perfect example that they can.

These students are not only becoming active members in their learning by doing this project, but they are showing the world that they want to continue to build this online community. Through this project they are building skills that they would never get sitting in a classroom taking notes from the board. They are researching ways to raise money, they are communicating with a teacher across the globe, they are collaborating with one another, and they are showing an incredible amount of compassion. They are reaching out to people who they don’t even know and telling them, this is how we learn and it works so well for us that we want you to have the same opportunity.