Choosing the topic for my project was the hardest part. There are so many things out there relevant to incorporating technology in schools so it was hard to choose what I thought would be the best one. Now that I know what my topic is researching should be a breeze right?… wrong. Researching takes a lot of time and effort. Finding a resource is pretty easy, but  finding out what it is all about and whether or not it will be critical for the final result of my project is the hard part. Some of the websites I have found are quite detailed and I want to be sure I know how it works from every angle before I recommend it to other students and teachers.

I have found quite a few websites that I think are perfect for my topic. One titled Little Bird Tales is a website where students can create their own digital story! The first step is to create the illustrations. They can either draw them and scan them onto the computer, use the paint tool given on the website, or take pictures with a digital camera and upload those. Once the pictures are all in place students can do a voice recording of the words. I listened to some of the public stories and it seemed like a project that kids could really have fun with!

Since most early elementary students are new with computers I found a website for beginning computer users to learn to type. Once students are familiar with the keyboard and typing they will be comfortable enough to move beyond these beginning skills to more advanced projects like a classroom blog. This is a teachers blog with a day by day lesson plan on how she introduced blogging to her 4th grade students.

Another popular way elementary teachers are incorporating technology into literacy is through online books. International Children’s Digital Library is a website where students can choose a book to read online. It has different levels depending on the ability of the reader and there are books in 16 different languages! So it is an excellent source for foreign language students as well!

I still have a lot of researching left to do. My next step is to start looking at scholarly reviewed articles and discussion groups. My plan is to organize all of these resources into folders on my desktop. Once these are all organized I want to put them all onto Mahara at once. For me this approach will help to keep things organized. More to come on how my project is developing!