Teachers who are new to technology integration in the classroom may be unsure of the relevance technology has to learning or what kind of environment they should be trying to create for their students. Here is the answer… the Performance Indicators for Teachers for Digital Age Education. These are clear cut guidelines for teachers to follow when trying to incorporate technology. This is extremely helpful to me because I can look more closely at my resources for my project and figure out if they align with these indicators. I can do the same with the Standards for Students for Digital Age Education.

Looking at the standards for students I have also realized that in EDT 400 we have touched on all of them! Just by creating blog posts every week and commenting on other peers’ posts in our VLC’s we are practicing all 6 of the standards. Creativity and innovation will be clearly shown through our final projects. Communicating with peers and researching has helped me develop my PLN more than I ever imagined. There are definitely times when I feel lost and confused because this is all so new to me, but it is getting better and I am accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time.

I encourage teachers to take a look at these standards and performance indicators and use them as guidelines in their classrooms. Technology integration is so important to a child’s education and what better way to get students to research, communicate, make decisions, collaborate, and use their creativity than with the one resource that has it all.