The field experience at Asa Adams was a critical piece to my development in EDT 400. For months we have been discussing all of these different ways to incorporate technology into education but I had yet to see what that would play out like in a real classroom.

The morning began in a second grade classroom where deb was

using the smart board to work with students during their math lessons. As pointed out by Deb, there are many advantages to this tool. The board itself is magnetic so she can take it off the wall and move it to any classroom she wants. The students are engaged by using the pen to solve problems themselves up on the board. When asked who wants to solve a problem on the board almost every student raised their hand showing how eager they are to use this technology. Deb can also hook her laptop up to the board so that students can see her screen. She pointed out how useful this was because she can use the calculator on her computer rather than having students struggle with their solar powered dollar store calculators.

We were also introduced to a device called the ladybug which is a small projector that can not only project images onto the board but can also record voices. This is beneficial to students who may have missed school because Deb can record the lesson and post it on her website for that student or parents to access.

The remainder of our time at Asa Adams Elementary was spent in the computer lab with a group of 4th graders who were doing some research on Maine. We were able to walk around the room to see what students were working on and sit down and ask them questions. The child I talked to mentioned how much she enjoyed using the technology. Her favorite thing to do with the computers is to use the paint application because she enjoys art. She said in previous years she had been given the opportunity to work with twitter and a class blog.

I was amazed by how independently these students were able to do research and stay on task. They seemed genuinely interested in the topics they were researching. By doing this work independently they are able to explore their own interests and curiosity and they aren’t forced to learn about a specific topic. They are learning so much more about themselves, and their interests, and what they have the ability to do on their own, which is such a tremendous aspect of growing up.

Prior to this class when I thought about incorporating technology into the classroom computers is the one thing that came to mind. Now I know that there is so much more to it than that. There are numerous ways technology can be incorporated and computers are just one. Seeing a teacher use these technologies in action was beneficial to me in several ways! Not only did I get a first hand look of what really goes on in the classroom, but I also got some awesome ideas for my project!