As the end of the semester approaches I find myself engaging in my project more than anything else. It is approaching quickly and I can’t believe how fast time is passing! My PLN has grown tremendously since my last benchmark. I have gone from just the basics of blogging and tweeting to putting myself out there in the virtual learning community. I have created accounts on various useful websites such as Classroom 2.0, Google Reader, Google Alerts, and Evernote. I am following more and more people on twitter which has opened me up to some pretty incredible resources like this blog on technology for teachers. Another resource that has been very useful to me in the creation of my project is edutopia. All of these resources have really opened up my personal learning network.

There are however some areas where I would like to see myself improve. I’m still having trouble with Mahara and putting my project together so that is something I need to play around with more and figure out. I would also like to figure out how to use Evernote because I just signed up for it so I haven’t been able to use it to my advantage yet. Once I get the hang of it I think it will be perfect because I need something to keep all of my project ideas and resources organized.

I think that my blog posts are well supported with videos, pictures, and other resources. I not only respond to the mandatory weekly readings but I also explore the web for ideas for other posts. In class I always ask questions when there is confusion and I think that is a strength of mine. Discussions with peers have improved a lot since my last benchmark! More people are talking in class and sometimes we get really good discussions going.

Going into Asa Adams for class and seeing the technology integration was a tremendous opportunity! I had fun and it was really neat to see how technology is incorporated right here in Orono. I have grown quite fond of Sir Ken Robinson and I still LOVE his video Do Schools Kill Creativity? Listening to him is not only interesting and educational but he is humorous as well. I love videos like this one and I would like to see more!

Google alerts and google reader are going to by my most important resources when building my project. New stuff is added to the web everyday and with these two places I can see exactly what is new without tracking it down. My peers are going to be my biggest resource for getting help in using things like Mahara and Evernote. Everyone really wants to help one another and thats what makes a virtual learning community so great. I look forward to seeing what the next few weeks in EDT400 has in store!