Google apps is a free website with tools in communication, collaboration, and customization. It is starting to be seen more and more in education throughout the country. The explanation is simple: it is a web based program that is accessible anywhere, anytime with internet access. It benefits teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

Calendars can be shared so that if there is a last minute change in the schedule everyone can see that the change has been made. Students can write papers, work on spreadsheets, or do a powerpoint presentation and rather than turning them in and waiting for the teacher to grade every student’s piece of work before they get feedback, the teacher adds comments right to the original document and the student can see the revisions immediately. Teachers and students don’t have to worry about losing papers or trying to stay organized because with google apps everything is organized for you.

Schools that use google apps often set up every student with a gmail account. If a student has a question on an assignment they can email the teacher or even email their peers.If the teacher uses a powerpoint presentation during class, the students have access to it outside of class to help them on assignments, studying for tests, etc.

Google groups can be created for teachers to keep in contact with one another as well as parents and teachers. It is often hard to work around the schedules of both teachers and parents to fit in times for conferences. With google apps they can choose to do video conferences, conferencing through groups, or discussing back and forth through gmail.

Here is a video I found on youtube about how one middle school in Dorchester, Massachusetts utilizes google apps: