Technology has expanded to the point that it has become the number one element in our everyday lives. It is used everywhere and for everything. This expansion has led to the introduction of technology in education. There is copious amounts of evidence that technology has expanded student’s learning. It is imperative thatchildren understand all of the different uses of technology and how to take advantage of these tools. Without this knowledge it will be difficult for them to live and work in our society. Technology has broadened education in ways that makes it possible for students to communicate and collaborate with students all over the country and all over the world. They can learn to research information, make judgements on it’s validity, and find even more resources of information to back it up. They can expand their imaginations to develop hypotheses and then research these hypotheses to either disprove or validate them. These types of skills are critical to have in any job that is out there today.

I value that children working with technology in education can foster their own educational growth and development. It allows them to use their imagination and lead themselves through their learning. Rather than sitting back and waiting to learn they become a part of the process and take control of their learning. Creativity and imagination is something that all children are born with but throughout education it slowly dwindles and they are taught to think the same way as everyone else. If everyone had the same thoughts and ideas than this world wouldn’t be where it is today. Technology allows children to use their creativity and imagination in a way that they won’t lose sight of it. I think it is so important for children to use their imaginations because that it was makes them unique.

My theory is that children are born with this innate ability to use technology. I’ve seen children as young as 2 playing touch screen games on an ipad, ipod, or phone and they are learning! They are learning more than just rote memorization skills they are learning through exploration. What happens when I hit this button? Or when I try doing this? They are teaching themselves, which to me is an amazing trait for human beings to possess. Rather than banning technology schools should be taking advantage of the fact that students can learn more through technology than they can through an encyclopedia. Let them open up with technology and use the skills that they already possess to grow even more as learners and individuals. Technology can open so many doors for students in so many different ways and ignoring that fact is not going to get us anywhere. There are so many resources for teachers and students and they need to be taken advantage of. My philosophy of education is to teach students to the best of my ability in a way that allows them to use their uniqueness and individuality to learn as much as possible. The only way to do this is to fully incorporate technology in the classroom.